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Russell D. Ward is Founder/CEO of Christian Coaching Services - a christian business coaching service.


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Seminar Speaker  Author and Educator
 Enterpreuneur  and Business  Coach

Russell D. Ward began his career as a pastor. After 8 years, he transitioned to being a small business owner. His start-up businesses include a Christian bookstore, land investment enterprise, and business coaching service.


He is a seminar speaker, author, teacher, and business consultant. His relational style and personal experiences bring a wealth of knowledge.

Russell's keen organizational skills uniquely prepare believers to go out and serve their communities. His training process focuses on a plan to reach a new level of authority and ability. He teaches how to make the best decisions possible in spiritual development.


He holds two masters degrees (Divinity and Ministry Management).

Russell comes from a family of small business owners spanning four generations, and he has inherited their pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. He is a change agent who brings innovation to businesses, and has helped over 400 clients through his coaching service. VIew client list 

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Russell D. Ward
Bountiful, UT

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