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What is coaching?

It is a transformative conversation
It fosters transparency
It leads to change
It is leadership development

The importance of coaching

Coaching is a valuable tool that can help you improve your performance, expand your knowledge, enhance your quality of life, and bring you closer to achieving your goals. Russell guides you towards the finish line of your personal journey.

Russell D. Ward

Empowering You to Reach Your Destiny

Russell began his career as a pastor. After 8 years, he transitioned to being a small business owner. His start-up businesses include a Christian bookstore, land investment enterprise, and business coaching service. He is an innovative business change agent.

Russell is a seminar speaker, author, teacher, and business consultant. His relational style and personal experiences bring a wealth of knowledge. He is a 4th generation entrepreneur. Pioneering is in his blood. Russell has served over 400 different clients through his business coaching service.

Russell's keen organization skills uniquely prepare believers to go out and serve their communities. His training process focuses on a plan to reach a new level of authority and ability. He teaches how to make the best decisions possible in spiritual development.

​He holds two masters degrees (Divinity and Ministry Management)

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Why Does Coaching Work?


As a collaborative team, you and Russell can achieve more than what you could individually. Believe that there are no limitations holding you back.


Having a colleague walk alongside you will encour- age you to take more actions and think on a larger scale.

Speeds up Your Learning Process

This process can elevate your level of consciousness and provide you with spiritual insights that can improve both your personal and professional life.

Something is Missing

Coaching can help you overcome feelings of being stuck, fearful, angry, or dissatisfied and guide you towards improving your quality of life. 

You Sense Change is Imminent

The fact that the world is constantly changing is evident. To discover new and innovative ideas, you require a fresh perspective. Your life is about to embark on a new journey.

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Coaching facilitates your learning process instead of telling you what to do. 


Russell D. Ward

Bountiful, Utah

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