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Who Are My Clients?

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Entrepreneurs, business and spiritual leaders who find either time, money or energy is missing from their work/life mix.

Clients reported achieving the following outcomes as a result of working with Russell as their coach:
*  Self-awareness 
*  Self-discovery 
*  Self-confidence
*  Clarity on when and where to take action
…love one another [that is, to have an unselfish concern for others…]   (I Thessalonians 4:9b AMP).

What is worked on:

Setting and achieving proactive, powerful goals

Business plan - to help you better prepare for future growth

Paradigm shift - the familiar point of view is replaced by a new and different outcome

Change and reshape to a unconventional position

This is my command be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9).

Russell strategically imparts vision and perceptive discernment in a manner never thought imaginable. You see obstacles. Russell looks beyond any hindrances to develop a plan of action you didn't think existed. Resolve issues of the past to reach a higher level of understanding.

Modern Architecture

Your Business is Your Calling

Your business matters deeply to God. It is an extension of His work in the world. The workplace for many people is their primary source for community. These living souls are searching for a place to work where they can be treated with respect, care, and love. Merge Godly values into your business practices. You and your business have a call to fulfill - to minister the Good News (    see below) to people the traditional Church cannot reach.

Russell D. Ward Author

When Life Doesn't Make Sense Book Cover (1).jpg

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Google Audiobook

Are you trying to make sense out of a job loss, grief, money problems, divorce, care giving or illness? Discover God's principles to transition you from hard times to a place of hope, freedom and destiny


When Life Doesn't Make Sense Devotional Book Cover (1).jpg

WLDMSense companion devotional. The book's approach will penetrate your heart and illuminate your journey. Each entry is designed to stir prayerful thought and reflection as you rebound from loss.


There is a growing recognition of Christian mysticism. Their leadership puts forth new ideas and models for the Christian community. They are change agents full of wisdom.

    Preach the Good News. Be ready at all times, and tell people what they need to do. Tell them when they are wrong. Encourage them with great patience and careful teaching (2 Timothy 4:2 NCV).

Advertising Agency (2)
Animal Rescue Center
Architect (2)                                     Attorney (3)
Automotive Body Repair
Author (4)
Beverage Maintenance and Repair  
Board Game Creator                     
Business Coach (2)
Chiropractor (3)
Christian Retreat Center
Clothing Designer (3)
Coffee Kiosk
Contractor – Builder (2)
Contractor – Electrical
Contractor – Marine
Contractor – Painting
Contractor – Plumbing (2)
Contractor – Residential (2)
Counseling Center – For Profit
Credit Service
Customer Service Trainer
Custom Jewelry (3)

Dance Studio

Disc Jockey

Employment Agency

Engineering – Structural

Event Planner (2)

Fertility Specialist (2)

Financial Planner

Fitness Center (2)

Foreclosure Specialist

Furniture Restoration

ChristianCoachingServices Client List Page.jpg

Golf Course

Graphic Design (2)

Home Energy Audits
Home Health Care (5)
Home Inspector (3)
Hunting Guide
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Service
Interior Decorator
Internet – Apparel and Hats (2)
Internet – Christian T- Shirts (4)
Internet – "Green" Products
Internet – Handbags
Internet – IT (2)
Internet – Facebook for College Students
Internet – Marketing and Lead Generation
Internet – Software Developer (2)
Internet – Tobacco Supplier
Inventor – Medical Container

Janitorial Service

Landscaper (3)

Lint Free Vent Service​

Manufacturer – Pickleball Paddles (3)

Marketing Company (2)

Medical – Alternative Medicine Clinic (3)

Medical – Walk in Medical Clinic

Mobile Food Service (3)

Mortgage Broker (2)

Non Profit – Church (6)

Non Profit – Christian Counseling Center

Non Profit – Faith Based

Non Profit – Faith Based – Money Management

Non Profit – Food Bank

Non Profit – Military Disability Rehabilitation

Non Profit – Prisoner Rehabilitation

Non Profit – Veterans Homeless Organization (2)

Painter – Residential and Commercial (3)
Pastor (4)
Personal Trainer
Photographer (5)
​Physician (3)
Pressure Washing Service (2)
​Publisher (2)

Real Estate – Investor (4)

Real Estate – Mobile Home Park Owner

Real Estate Broker – Land (6)

Real Estate Broker – Residential (2)

Real Estate Seminar Company

Restaurant – Chinese

Restaurant – General (3)

Restaurant – Speaker to Ice Cream Retailers Association Annual Meeting

Restaurant – Seafood

Retail – Antique Store

Retail – Auto Parts

Retail – Bakery (2)

Retail – Bar (3)

Retail – Beauty Salon (2)

Retail – Boutique

Retail – Caterer (2)
Retail – Christian Bookstore (2)
Retail – Coffee Kiosk
Retail – Consignment Store
Retail – Convenience Store/Gas Station (2)
Retail – Dog Wash

Retail – Exercise Studio
Retail – Hobby Shop
Retail – Organic Hot Sauce Line
Retail – Organic Goods
Retail – Pet Store
Retail – Shoe Store
Retail – Tanning Salon (3)
Retail – Thrift Store (2)
Retail – Upholstery Repair
Retail – Women’s Clothes
Roller Derby Bag Designer
Running/Walking Coach
Sales – Medical
Sanitation (Dumpsters)
Security Firm (3)
Senior Citizen Service (2)
Sports – Indoor Athletic Training Facility
Sporting Goods – Pickleball Paddle Manufacturer
Staffing Service (2)
Tax Preparation (2)
Transportation (3)
Travel Agency
Trucking – Owner/Operator (2)
Water Pump – Sales and Rental
Wedding Planner (3)
Web Designer (5)

Guest Panelist

Guest Panelist for “Street-Wise Steps to Small Business Growth” sponsored by the Small Business Administration. Russell was invited to critique real world presentations given by owners of existing businesses generating between $1M to $5M in gross revenue per year. 

Business Adviser Participant

Russell was one of ten people chosen to examine the current business climate in NE Florida to identify future economic growth opportunities in the area. Sponsored by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. 

Workshop Creator and Presenter - Achieve Your Business Dream

Laptop Photo for Coaching Services Client List Page.jpg

Russell created and conducted a 4-part workshop series entitled Achieve Your Business Dream – Practical Tools for Small Business Success. Each interactive session lasted 3 hours.

Session 1: Foundations for Your Business

Session 2: Business and Financial Basics

Session 3: Marketing Strategies

Session 4: Create a Plan for Your Business

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