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Meet Russell

Innovative Business Change Agent

Why You and Your Business Need Russell D. Ward

Once your organization is running smoothly and successfully, a competitor may enter the market and disrupt your business, or your loyal customers may start taking their business elsewhere. In either case, instead of adapting and changing your business strategy, you cling to what you know and resist change.


As humans, we tend to oppose change, but the business world is always evolving. The companies that thrive are the ones that can swiftly adapt to new trends in commerce. Have you prepared a strategy to handle the disruptions that may challenge your business?
Russell D. Ward will conduct a thorough examination of your business, identifying potential threats and issues. He will recommend changes to the organization's values, habits, practices, and priorities to propel the business forward. Although change can be challenging and uncomfortable, it is essential for overcoming future obstacles. Brace yourself for a new direction in your business.

Russell leads organizations through a transformative journey, helping them move away from their current discomfort and towards a thrilling exploration of new possibilities and solutions. This process can be seen as a form of purification.

Russell will join you in prayer, seeking God's guidance as you begin a new journey, with the assurance that The Lord is with you every step of the way. About Page Barn.jpg
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Books by Russell D. Ward

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Are you trying to make sense out of a job loss, grief, money problems, divorce, care giving or illness? Discover God's principles to transition you from hard times to a place of hope, freedom and destiny!


I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised, but I was blessed and will continue to be blessed as I read When Life Doesn’t Make Sense again (and will continue to reread it in the future). You have a lovely, tight, lean, clear, and clean prose style that is quite readable. You clearly have a teacher’s heart I would say and the writing skill and vocabulary to express that gift effectively. I thought the theology was convincing as well.                 

Ken T. – Attorney Alaska

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Mystic is associated with the New Testament word,  mysterion – secret or being outside the range of unassisted natural apprehension, can be made known only by Divine revelation, and is made known in a manner and at a time appointed by God, and to those only who illumined by His Spirit. Truth revealed.   

There are those who believe that the form of modern-day churches are inadequate and do not align with each other. They feel that a new and innovative approach is necessary for the Christian community, and Christian mystics are contributing to this conversation. This group is playing a significant role in shaping the current spiritual by developing new methods of ministry, evangelism, and outreach that are relevant to today's society.

Christian mystics cannot solve other people's problems, but they can lead by example and inspire others to follow. They do not seek attention for themselves.

Christian Mystic Attributes: Wisdom, Change Agent, Encouragement and Trust. The Lord sends them out for Kingdom Service. 

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Russell identifies the trouble spots in your business – from sales and customer service to marketing and team development. He devises an action plan to strengthen those areas. This results in increased sales and improves company morale – and most of all, builds the business owner’s confidence. 

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